Home and Mission

The Information Technology Center of the Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns is the institutional repository for scientific data of the natural history collections and museums belonging to the SNSB. Its major tasks focus on the management of bio- and geodiversity data using different kinds of information technological structures. The facility guarantees a sustainable curation, storage, archiving and provision of such data.

The mission comprizes research activities in the field of biodiversity informatics and the implementation of generic information technology like easy-to-use working environments for handling scientific data. The software is mainly designed and set up following the concepts of the Diversity Workbench developer platform. DWB software tools are registered in bio.tools, a service of ELIXIR Europe.

The SNSB IT Center supports scientists and institutions by offering services to manage the whole data life cycle starting with data entry up to persistent storage and provision as well as delivery of approved and quality-controlled data to national and international portals. Most of the data is managed by DWB network and installations.